Sitting on a public bench along the River Trail of The City Different, a soul muttered as writing in a note-book, “You . . . pretty, pink, and perky. You . . . secret, intimate, and hospitable. You . . . Fe, Santa, and Fe.”

The town’s mood covers people like a throw-blanket warms a couch-potato on a cold day; time after time, narrow streets carry folks in placid rambles, blocks after blocks, shades after shades; everywhere, to enchant sights, contractors had applied gallons of adobes, expressing newborns’ blushes, and fine hues. For boundless alibis, everybody adores Santa Fe of beloved New Mexico.

(Next, I had to stretch the rig toward the Queen City, the Banking Town, the Panthers Den; appeared the time for drifting back in Charlotte of North Carolina, at my Sweet Harbor — to prepare our next route across new US Vistas!)


Written, Filmed, Edited and Directed by Philippe Bouyer-Gray.
Music by Steven Gooding (BMI) – Kingdom 2 Music (BMI)
© Philippe Bouyer-Gray – 2015/2016 – All Rights Reserved.

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