Grizzly! And a wild one! And just before I arrived at the Moran-Togwotee overlook, Wyoming.

After four mellow days of riding Tweety (a yellow Hummer H2) — towing Minnie Winnie (a 26 foot orange RV-travel-trailer) — from East toward West, from North Carolina through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska, discovering the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, with a welcome by the most iconic wild fellow in North America, made me feel blessed again — more than ever.

The 2017 edition of US VISTAS’ Wanders and Wanderings could not get a more exciting kick start.


Written, Filmed, Edited and Directed by Philippe Bouyer-Gray.
Music by Amotz Plessner – Sonic Desktop Publishing

© Philippe Bouyer-Gray – 2017 – All Rights Reserved.

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