The author of US VISTAS is Philippe Bouyer, alias Philippe Bouyer-Gray (writer, and filmmaker, and photographer, and more…)

Following his passion for the Hollywood style of storytelling from a young age, Philippe was educated in optics, cameras, direction and filmmaking in France. His career began with the writing, direction and production of “Ache”, a highly acclaimed short film released by Warner Brothers.

Other traditional films to Philippe’s credit include production and direction of music videos, corporate marketing films and fiction short movies. Philippe’s repertoire expanded to journalism, with the creation of news segments and documentaries across Europe and Africa including various museum scenography productions, documentaries and several hundred programs for French television.

Over time, Philippe’s quest for excellence in special effects led him to CGI and 3D animation, providing a new medium for his creativity. Philippe has become an internationally recognized specialist in animation design and the tools of CGI filmmaking. He employs his traditional filmmaking experience to create a realistic experience in the virtual domain.

Since 2010,  Philippe has been a novelist, and a screenwriter for the motion picture industry. He is also partner at Quill & Reel.

During summer 2015, Philippe Bouyer-Gray drove over five weeks through United State of America — 9898 Miles. This Travelogue — US Vistas — is going to be the tale of his journey; he wrote all of the texts, as well as Produced, Filmed, Edited, and Directed all of the videos.

2017… On the Road Again!