Driving-in-summer drives me happy until doesn’t need to be driven the Yellowstone National Park route.

Two years ago I wrote this: “The Yellowstone National park hosts unnumbered loads of visitors warping the roads and the trails like divisions of tanks on parade onto a crystalline meadow.” Then, 2017 . . . And meh–again.

Mourning each last beats of joy at Grand Teton, and after having chosen to target the north via the unavoidable south west passage through the Yellowstone, that early morning I took the road, expecting to shun the rush hours and the common traffic jams of the glorious landscape.

Soon, despite the time-frame-trick-at-dawn, a jam ran down the tar. A weird one.

Dozens of bison-families were keeping their right on the road, toward the south; on the opposite direction, heading to the north, I was able to cross the herd without delay; yet, behind the confident wild families, hundreds of vehicles carrying crabbed characters were stuck, glued, pinned at the asphalt — for hours!

Darn; Jams in wilderness, or crass nonsenses.


Written, Filmed, Edited and Directed by Philippe Bouyer-Gray.
Music by Drew D’Ascentis (ASCAP) and Sterling Campbell (ASCAP)
Yes My Friend Publishing (ASCAP)

© Philippe Bouyer-Gray – 2017 – All Rights Reserved.